The Smart Waffle™ 4-Slice comes with some special features.

  • No-Mess Moat – No mess and no waste. The integrated No-Mess Moat wraps around the waffle maker so that any batter that might normally spill over the sides is caught and and cooked in the non-stick coated moat for easy removal with little effort.
  • A Bit More® Button – Able to be turned on before or during a cooking cycle, the A Bit More® button allows the addition of a little extra time so that the waffles reach the perfect brownness.
  • Waffle IQ™ – With Waffle IQ™, the cooking time is automatically calculated to suit your waffle style and color. The Waffle IQ™ takes into account the style selection and darkness selection chosen, calculates the correct time and optimal temperature for the perfect waffle results.