Ensuring trouble-free operation for years

Your Breville Slow Cooker is a quality appliance. The best materials were used in making it, and it was carefully engineered to let you enjoy slow-cooked stews, roasts, and other dishes for years to come.

However, as with any machine, it needs your care in order to operate as it is intended to. Please follow our care tips below.

Routine Maintenance

1.Before cleaning the Slow Cooker, switch the Temperature Control Dial to ‘OFF’, remove the power plug from the power outlet and remove the connector end of the power cord from the appliance inlet.
2.Remove the EasySear™ Insert and allow to cool completely.
3.To remove stubborn, cooked-on foods in the removable EasySear™ Insert, fill insert 3/4 with water, bring to a slow boil on medium heat on the stove top, add detergent and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove by lightly scrubbing with a soft nylon kitchen brush.
4.To extend the life of your EasySear™ Insert, we do not recommend placing it in the dishwasher. To help maintain the non-stick coating, we recommend washing the EasySear™ Insert in hot, soapy water using mild household detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
5.The brushed stainless steel housing can be wiped over with a soft, damp cloth and then dried thoroughly.

Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring pads as these can damage the surfaces and non-stick coating.

Do not immerse Stainless Steel Housing or power cord in water or any other liquid.

Ensure that the EasySear™ Insert is correctly positioned in the housing before you commence cooking.