Setting up the Control Grip™ is quick and easy.

For the Whisk.

  • Select a container with high enough sides to compensate for possible splatter from aerating the eggs and cream. Also make sure that the bottom is rounded enough so that the whisk can reach all of the ingredients.
  • Slide the whisk attachment over the bottom of the motor base with the tabs matching on the sides of the base. Press firmly until the attachment clicks into place.

For the Chopping Blade.

  • Place the Chopping Blade, blade side towards the bottom, into the Chopping Bowl, centering it over the small pivot on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Press down firmly until the blade clicks into place.
  • Add the items to be chopped into the bowl.
  • Set the Chopping Bowl Lid on top of the bowl. The top of the Chopping Blade will fit into the connector that extends down from the center of the bottom of the Chopping Bowl Lid. The lid may need to be turned slightly in order for the connector to close over the top of the Chopping Blade.
  • Remove the top of the Blending Jug and place it upside down on a firm sturdy surface.
  • Place the Chopping Bowl into the lid to prevent the bowl from sliding or moving while the blade is in use.
  • Slide the motor base into the top of the Chopping Bowl Lid until it clicks firmly in place.

For the Blending Jug

  • Place the items to be blended into the Blending Jug.
  • Attach the Blending Shaft to the motor base, pressing it up into the base until it clicks.