• Always place liquid into the removable cooking bowl before pressing the START|CANCEL button.

  • Do not interfere with the automatic selector control during operation.

  • To prevent scratching the non-stick surface of the removable cooking bowl, always use wooden or plastic utensils.

  • Ensure the removable cooking bowl is correctly positioned in the appliance base before you commence cooking.
  • Allow risotto to rest in the KEEP WARM setting for 5 to 10 minutes after cooking.
  • Though the Risotto Plus™ will do the stirring automatically, for best results, it is recommended that the risotto is stirred by hand, once, after 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The Risotto Plus™ rice scoop is not a standard metric measuring cup. 1 scoop is equal to 150g of uncooked rice and 6 oz. of water. If the scoop is lost, use another cup but maintain the same cooking rations and ensure you do not exceed the 10 scoop maximum line on the bowl.
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  • After using the RICE setting, the rice maker will automatically switch to the KEEP WARM setting for up to 5 hours.
  • For best results when sautéing, always sear meat in a pan on the stove top before adding to the rice cooker and engaging the Sauté Setting.
  • For fluffier rice, add a little extra water and for firmer rice, add a little less water.
  • Do not allow the cooking pot to boil dry when steaming.