Setting up your Juice Fountain® Multi-Speed is quick and easy.

  • Place the Motor Base on a flat dry surface.
  • Place the Filter Bowl Surround on top of the motor base.
  • Align the arrows at the base of the Nutri Disc™ with the arrows on the Motor Drive Coupling and push down until it clicks into place.
  • Place the Juicer Cover over the Filter Bowl Surround, positioning the feed chute over the Nutri Disc™ and lower into position.
  • Raise the safety locking arm up and position it into the two grooves on either side of the juicer cover.
  • Slide the Food Pusher down the feed chute by aligning the groove of the Food Pusher with the small protrusion on the inside top of the feed chute.
  • Place the Pulp Container into position by tilting the base of the container away from the motor base and sliding the Pulp Container over the bottom of the large chute on the side of the Juice Cover.
  • Place the Juice Jug under the spout on the right-hand side of the Juicer. The Juice Jug lid can be used to avoid any splatter. Alternatively you can fit the custom-designed juice nozzle over the juice spout and place a glass underneath.