Pulp issues

While the juicer pulp should be dry, it’s not really going to come out of the machine like saw dust. There will always be a slight dampness to it but squeezing the pulp should not produce copious amounts of liquid after processing and the pulp should be spun out of the Nutri Disc™ and into the pulp container efficiently.

Wet pulp

  • If the pulp is overly wet and less juice is being extracted then expected, the first thing to do is make sure that the juicer speed is not too high, try a lower speed setting. If the speed is a bit much for the food being juices, the liquid may not have time to move through the filter and instead my cling to the pulp and move out along with it.
  • The next thing to check is the filter basket, is the mesh clogged or are there food fibers coating the blades. These can hinder the correct processing of the foods and cause the juice to, again, move out of the machine with the pulp, making it wetter then normal.

Clogged pulp

  • If the pulp is clogging up inside the juicer top cover, it may be that the speed is too high to move the pulp out of the pulp chute and into the pulp container, and, instead, the Nutri Disc™ is releasing the pulp so that it is hitting the upper part of the top cover. Turn off the juicer and remove the top cover, clear out the pulp that is collected in the top cover and replace it back on the juicer. Restart juicing, using a lower speed.
  • Push the food pusher down the chute at a slower pace, letting the blades process the food a bit slower
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