The Juice Fountain® Multi-Speed — A smart juicer that adjusts speeds to maximize juice and minimize waste. 5 speeds from 6500 to 12500 RPM for efficient juice output. Easy-to-clean micro-mesh filter keeps the fibers out and the juice in.

BJE510XL Know Your Machine

A. Unique Direct Central Feed System - ensures maximum juice extraction.B. 3 Inch Wide Feed Chute - fits larger fruits and vegetables whole.
C. Juice Cover.D. 3 Liter Pulp Container.
E. Stylish Stainless Steel Design.F. ON/OFF Switch.
G. LCD Speed Indicator - with juicing speed guide.H. Electronic Variable Speed Control Dial.
I. Food Pusher - for pushing whole fruit and vegetables down the feed chute.J. Die-Case Metal Interlocking Safety Arm - stops the juicer operating without the juicer cover locked in place.
K. Nutri Disc™.L. Motor Drive Coupling.
M. Filter Bowl Surround.N. 1.2 Liter Juice Jug and Lid - with built-in froth separator.
O. Heavy duty Motor - with one year warranty.P. Custom Designed Juice Nozzle - perfect for mess free juicing straight into a glass.

BJE510XL Know Your Machine -2
Q. Cleaning Brush - flat end of brush assists in removal of pulp from the pulp container and nylon brush end makes for easy cleaning of the Nutri Disc™.R. Nurti Disc™ - Allows you to extract only the juice from fruit and vegetables.
S. Built-In Froth Separator - ensures juice froth is separated from juice when poured.T. Juice Jug Lid - allows juicer to operate with the lid on, eliminating any splatter during operation.

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