The Smart Grill™ comes with some special features.

  • BBQ Lock Release – The top plate is lifted and the BBQ release is selected, the clip being held in that position, and the top plate is then lowered back to make the grill flat. The full surface of both plates (260 sq inches) is then available for BBQ usage.
  • Integrated, Removable Drip Tray – Both plates drain towards the back of the base. However, the drip tray is designed to pull out the front making for very easy cleaning.
  • Dishwasher Safe, Cast Aluminum Non-Stick Plates – The plates are coated with titanium infused Quantanium™ for oil free cooking and very easy clean up.
  • Adjustable Plate Tilt – Allows the bottom plate to be tilted to allow oil, fat and grease to drain to the back of the plate into the drip tray or adjust the bottom plate to be flat, allowing the cooking of eggs and pancakes without the draining tilt being used.