Set up of the BFP800BAL Sous Chef™ 12 Plus is quick and easy.

  • Place the base on a dry level surface.
  • Position the processing bowl with the handle in line with the ‘ALIGN HANDLE’ graphic on the base.
  • Turn the bowl clockwise until the handle locks. It should be facing to the front.
  • When using the large processing bowl, the spindle is ALWAYS required. Place the spindle inside of the processing bowl, lowering it over the coupling that is in the center of the bottom of the bowl.
  • Place the blade or disc to be used over the spindle. Please note that blades will settle lower then discs on the spindle.
  • Set the lid on top of the processing bowl so that the ALIGN/LOCK graphics on the lid and bowl align.
  • Turn the lid clockwise so that the handle parts align. This is required for the food processor to operate as part of the Safety Locking system.