Basic Use

  • The spindle must be used every time the discs and blades are used in the food processor.
  • If the large food pusher is not lowered far enough into the feed chute, the processor will not activate. This is normal and a safety feature to prevent overloading or accidental starting of the processor.
  • The chute is labeled with a ‘MAX CHUTE FILL’ graphic, showing the maximum that the feed chute should be filled with food in order to ensure that the pusher can be lowered enough to allow the processor to activate.
  • If the Overload Protection is engaged, unplug the processor for at least 30 minutes to allow it to cool down before resuming food processing.
  • Some stiff mixtures, such as bread dough, may cause the blades to rotate more slowly than normal. If this should happen, do not process for more then 1 minute at a time.