Care & Cleaning

Clean Me! CycleCleaning the Steam WandCleaning the Filter Baskets and PortafilterCleaning the Shower ScreenCleaning the Drip and Storage TrayCleaning the Outer Housing and Cup Warming TrayUsing the Allen Key

Clean Me! Cycle

When the machine has detected 200 extractions have been carried out since the last cleaning cycle, the CLEAN ME! icon will show on the LCD screen at the next start up.

A.Insert the 1 CUP filter basket into the portafilter, the cleaning disc into the filter, and the cleaning tablet into the center of the disc.
B.Lock the portafilter into place.
C.Ensure that the water tank is filled with cold water and that the drip tray is empty.
D.Press the MENU button until the CLEAN CYCLE icon flashed and PUSH is displayed below it on the LCD screen.
E.To start the cycle, press the illuminated MANUAL button.
F.The CLEAN CYCLE will flash and the machine will start to countdown from 370 seconds.
G.Once the cycle is finished, remove the portafilter and ensure that the tablet has completely dissolved. If it hasn't, repeat the cleaning cycle without inserting a new tablet.
H.The cleaning cycle is not complete. Rinse the portafilter and filter basket thoroughly to remove any tablet residue before using.

Cleaning the Steam Wand

Cleaning the steam wand should be done every time it is used to texture milk.

  • Immediately after texturing milk, wipe the wand with a damp cloth, ensuring all of the milk/froth at the bottom of the wand is removed.
  • The steam wand should also be purged by lifting the STEAM LEVER for a few seconds allowing steam to blow out through the tip and into the drip tray.
  • If any of the holes in the top of the steam wand have become blocked, ensure that the STEAM LEVER is in the CLOSED position and clean the holes out using the pin on the end of the included cleaning tool.
  • If the steam wand remains blocked, remove the tip with the spanner opening on the cleaning tool and soak the top in hot water for 30 minutes. Screw the top back onto the steam wand using the same spanner opening in the cleaning tool and purge again.

Cleaning the Filter Baskets and Portafilter

The filter basket and portafilter should be cleaned after every use.

  • For cleaning after every use, run the filter basket that has been used, as well as the portafilter, directly under hot water for a few seconds. This should remove any residual oils from the extraction.
  • If any of the holes in the filter baskets become blocked, dissolve a cleaning tablet in hot water and soak the filter basket and portafilter in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Cleaning the Shower Screen

The Shower screen and group head should be wiped after every use to remove excess coffee grounds.

  • The group head interior and shower screen should be wiped down with a damp cloth after every use to remove any ground coffee particles that may remain after extraction.
  • Periodically purge the machine with hot water with the filter basket and portafilter in place but with NO ground coffee added. This will aid in rinsing out any residual coffee oils.

Cleaning the Drip and Storage Tray

The drip tray should be removed, emptied and cleaned after each use as well as whenever the indicator is showing ‘EMPTY ME!’.

  • When the EMPTY ME! indicator shows in the drip tray or after any purging, the drip tray will need to be emptied and cleaned.
  • Remove the grill from the drip tray and wash both in warm soapy water. The EMPTY ME! indicator can be removed and cleaned separately as well.
  • Both the drip tray and the storage tray can be removed and cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners, pads or cloths as these can scratch the surfaces.

Cleaning the Outer Housing and Cup Warming Tray

The outer housing and cup warming tray can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Polish with a soft dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleansers, pads or cloths which can scratch the surface.

Using the Allen Key

The Allen Key is used to replace the silicone seal surrounding the shower screen. Over time, this seal will show wear and tear and leaking may occur around the portafilter. This will need to be replaced and there are just a few steps needed to do so.

1.Press the POWER button to turn the machine off and unplug the cord from the power outlet.
2.Remove the water tank and drip tray from the machine, taking care if they are full.
3.Clean any residual coffee from the screw in the center of the shower head.
4.Insert the shorter end of the Allen Key into the center of the screw. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen the screw.
5.Once loosened, carefully remove and retain the screw, shower screen and dispersion plate. Wash the shower screen and dispersion plate in warm soapy water then dry thoroughly.
6.Remove the silicone seal with your fingers or a pair of long-nose pliers. Insert the new seal, flat side first, so the ribbed side is facing you.
7.Re-insert the dispersion plate first, then the shower screen, and finally the screw. WIth your fingers, turn the screw clockwise for 2 or 3 revolutions. Insert the Allen Key to tighten the until the screw is flush with the shower screen.
8.Re-insert the drip tray and rear water tank.