Mixing Guide

*Settings should be used as a guide only.
1 - 3Kneading / Folding in / Light mixingbread dough, scones, pastry / folding of flour into cakes
4 - 6Light mixingpuddings, custards, cake mixes, icings
7 - 9Creaming / Beatingbutter and sugar / cream cheese, heavy batters
10 - 12Whipping / Aeratingbeating cream, egg whites, meringue

Choice of beatersDo not use a dough hook with a beater - this will damage the Mixer.
Speed SettingsUse the mixing guide above to select a suitable mixing speed when preparing recipes. Begin mixing at lowest speed then increase to higher speed to prevent splattering.
Bowl SpeedUse the low bowl speed for speeds 1-6 and the high bowl speed for speeds 6-12.
MixingMix for the recommended time in the recipe - avoid over mixing. Should an object such as a spoon or spatula fall into the bowl
while mixing immediately turn the mixer off, unplug at the power outlet and remove the object.
Egg whiteBe sure the beaters and bowl are completely clean and dry before use -- a small amount of fat and egg yolk will affect whipping performance.
Bread doughAdd liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients. Use speed 1 to knead ingredients into a dough ball. DO NOT place hands near dough hook when mixer is operating.