• Pre-Heating the Carafe or cup is suggested for best results and does not need to take any longer then 30 seconds. Fill the container with hot water and let sit for 30 seconds before discarding.
  • Water quality is essential for the perfect coffee. If the water container excessive sediment, or has an off odor or taste, it will alter the coffee. Also, if the water is lacking all minerals, the coffee can taste dull or stale. We recommend the use of filtered water.
  • The Precision Brewer™ Thermal will work equally as well with freshly ground coffee and pre-ground coffee. It’s always recommended that freshly roasted and ground coffee is used as this will result in the richest fullest flavored coffee.
  • The standard coffee cup size used for the following information is a 5oz cup. It is best to adjust for personal taste but the following is a suggested brewing ration of water to coffee

BDC450BSS Coffee Water Ratio