Your Breville Smart Scoop™ ice cream machine has these features.

Automatic ModeAutomatic mode churns and freezes the ingredients to the selected/desired consistency. Select one of the four different settings: Sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato or ice cream. Machine will beep once when ready, or selected music will play.
Manual ModeThe time to make ice cream can be manually set for pre timed recipes.
SettingsThe Breville Smart Scoop™ has four different settings to choose from. Select one of the following settings; sorbet, frozen yogurt, gelato, or ice cream.
Pre-CoolThis function can be selected before either manual or automatic mode is selected. It's a great way to pre-cool the machine. This optional function will cool the machine to approximately 14°F to -22°F (-10°C to -30°C) and usually takes about 5-10 minutes.
Keep CoolOnce the consistency of the dessert has been achieved, using this function you are able to keep dessert at a constant temperature for up to 3 hours. When the machine is in this function please note that the compressor and motor will turn on incrementally to test the consistency of the dessert.

This function will automatically default to on and LCD around button will illuminate red when the Breville Smart Scoop™ is powered on.

NOTE: During the KEEP COOL function the paddle will only turn if needed to maintain the selected consistency.
Child LockThe Breville Smart Scoop™ features a child lock. Press and hold the HOLD-lock for 2 seconds to set the child lock mode. To exit this mode press HOLD-lock button for 2 seconds again.
Add Mix InsMix ins such as chocolate chips, fresh fruit and flavors can all be added easily through the flip back lid. The ice cream machine will beep and ADD MIX INS will flash to let you know that it is time to add your favorite condiments!
SoundThe ice cream machine features sound such as an alert beep or music when the dessert is ready. This alert can be a beep, mute, or music tune.
  • Turkey in the Straw

  • The Entertainer

  • Camptown Races