The Custom Loaf™ has several features and options that allow you to make your bread as unique and custom as you like.

  • The PAUSE Feature – this can be used during different phases of the bread making process; just at the start of the ‘rise 3′ phase so that you can create your own braided bread; just at the start of the ‘bake’ phase so that you can add decorative crusts to the loaf or separate it out to make pull-apart rolls; just at the start of the ‘rise 2′ phase to make rolled breads, filled with your tastiest items.
  • DELAY START button – this feature can be used in all functions other then ‘BAKE ONLY’ and ‘JAM’. This button allows you to prepare your ingredients and set a timer for up to 13 hours in advance of when you require the bread to be ready. As a default, the sound alert is muted to minimize noise during overnight baking.
  • MODIFY button – If you like one of our Crusty Loaf recipes but it’s just not quite crusty enough, the MODIFY button can be used to adjust the time or temperature on a number of settings to get it just right for you. This button can be used on the ‘preheat, ‘knead’, ‘rise’, ‘punch-down’, ‘bake’ and ‘keep warm’ phases to adjust either time or temperature. Though this is just a single use modification and the bread maker will return to it’s default settings, this can be used on all settings.
  • CUSTOM setting – There are 9 open custom setting spaces for you to program with your own recipes. You can select the times and temperatures for each of the phases applicable to the type of loaf you are making.