• Always clean the blender jug and lids immediately after use to prevent food from becoming stuck to surfaces.
  • The blender jug, lids, and Personal Blender pieces can be washed in the dish washer; the jug on the bottom rack and the lids and Personal Blender pieces on the top shelf only. However, Breville® strongly recommends using the CLEAN cycle on the blender itself.
  • To use the CLEAN cycle for the 68oz. Jug:
    • Rinse the blender jug and lid.
    • Add in four cups of warm soapy water to the blender.
    • Place the outer lid then inner lid onto the blending jug.
    • Press the CLEAN pre-set button.
    • Rinse and dry thoroughly once the cycle is complete.
    • For sticky food items, add in a ½ teaspoon of dish-washing liquid before pressing the CLEAN pre-set button for the large blending jug only.
    • To use the CLEAN cycle for the Personal Blender parts:
    • Add 1 cup of cold water to the personal blender cup.
    • Replace the lid.
    • Press CLEAN to run the CLEAN cycle. The blender will detect which jug is attached and adjust any part of the cycle as needed.
    • Do not add any dish washing liquid when running the CLEAN cycle using the Personal Blender pieces. Pressurization can occur if hot water and/or detergent is used and the lid may become difficult to remove or there is a risk of the liquid splattering when the lid is removed. Only use cold water when using the CLEAN cycle on the Personal Blender.
    • It is very important to use the CLEAN cycle after each use especially when blending citrus and using any of the rind. Citrus rind has oils that can damage the material of the jug if left to sit in the jug for too long.
    • To remove any foods that cannot easily be scraped out from under the glades, replace the lids and turn the blender back on high speed for 4-5 seconds to spin foods out from under the blades.


    It is recommended that sanitization occur occasionally after cleaning. The recommended solution is 1/12 teaspoons of bleach in 2 quarts of clean, cool water, mixed according to the recommended instructions on the bleach container. To sanitize please follow these steps:

    1. After performing the CLEAN cycle per the above instructions, add in half of the recommended solution to the 68oz. filling it half way.
    2. Secure the lids and press CLEAN.
    3. Allow the blender to stand as it is after the cycle for 1 minute, then empty the solution.
    4. To sanitize the lids, Personal Blender pieces, scraper and tamper, soak them in the other half of the solution for 2 minutes.
    5. Place the blender back on the base and run it on MILL for 10-20 seconds to remove any excess moisture.
    6. Wipe the exterior with a soft cloth dampened with some of the sanitizing solution.
    7. Do not rinse. Instead, allow the blender and parts to air dry before storage. Rinse with clean water prior to the next use.


    • Store the blender upright with the blender jug assembled either on the motor base or beside it.
    • Store the personal blender up with the blade system assembled.
    • Do not place anything on top.
    • To allow air to circulate, keep the lid off.