ikon Hemisphere® LCD Blender Troubleshooting

Blender has no power.

There can be a few reasons for the ikon Hemisphere® LCD Blender to not have any power:

  • The outlet – Move the blender to a different outlet. There are times that the electrical draw of the blender may just be too much for the outlet that it is on if that outlet has other appliances plugged into either it or the circuit that the outlet is using.
  • Overload Protection – If the blender senses that the load on it is too great, it will trigger the Overload Protection. This shuts down the motor to prevent damage. The blender will need to be unplugged from the wall outlet and allowed to cool for 15 to 30 minutes before blending can resume. If this engages, it’s best to lessen the load in the blender by only blending smaller batches of food.

Broken/Missing Jug.

Though the blending jug that the ikon Hemisphere® LCD Blender comes with is very durable, things can happen causing the jug to no longer be usable. We have replaced the glass jug, blade assembly and seal ring with a single Unit. This one piece, Tritan™ plastic jug is incredibly durable, easy to clean, and simple to use and works on all of the Breville Hemisphere™ Blenders: BBL550XL, BBL600XL and BBL605XL.

The blades will not rotate.

If you find that the blade on your blender will not turn and the motor will not engage, though there is power to the blender, there are a few reasons this could be happening:

  • Ensure that the blender jug is securely locked into position and the lids are on tightly. The jug being loose means that the blade will not turn. This is a safety feature.
  • Make sure that the blade assembly is correctly and securely attached to the bottom of the blender jug. If it is not screwed in completely, the jug will not sit on the base correctly which will prevent the blades from turning. Again, this is a safety feature.
  • Check the power button and selected function or speed are illuminated. If they are not, push on the correct buttons firmly.
  • Ensure that the power plug is securely inserted into a 110/120 volt outlet. If the plug is loose or the voltage is incorrect, this will prevent the blender from working correctly.
  • Make sure to only press one speed or function button at a time.

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