The Breville ikon Hemisphere® Blender has some special features.

  • Hemisphere® blade system – allows for continuous movement inside the blending jug. The Hemisphere® Blade system utilizes a large semicircular shredding blade positioned to hug the uniquely shaped bowl of the jug. Because of this design, there are no ‘still’ zones around the blades, and ingredients are shredded into fine, consistent particles.
  • Breville Assist™ Lid – The unique ring pull allows for quick and easy removal of the lid while still allowing the lid to seal securely to the top of the jug during operation.
  • Multi-Speed Operation – Multiple speeds allow precise control over the blending results. Lower speeds, 1 through 3, are good for drink or cocktail making. Higher speeds are good for pureeing soups or aerating liquids. Also included is Auto Pulse for foods that only require short bursts of power such as ice crushing or chopping nuts.