FOODPreparation & UsageQuantityFunctionTime
Lean mean/PoultryTrim excess fat and sliver skin. cut into 1 inch cubes
Use: Mince
250b/8.5oz.Blend or Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 20 seconds.
Fish/seafoodRemove skin and boned and cut into 1 inch cubes
Use: Mince
300g/10oz.Blend or Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 15 seconds
Raw vegetablesPeel and cut into 1/2 - 1 inch cubes.
Use: Stuffing, filling, puree, soup
200g/7oz.Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 30 seconds
NutsRemove shells.
Use: Cakes, toppings, pastes
200g/7oz.Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 30 seconds
Bread or biscuit crumbsCut bread into 1 inch piece, break up biscuits.
Use: Cheesecake crust
100g/3oz.Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 30 seconds
MayonnaiseMix the egg yolk and vinegar.
Add the oil.
Use: Dressings.
10 - 15 seconds
30 - 60 seconds
Whipped creamAdd sugar or vanilla if desired.
Use: Topping
300ml/10fl.oz.Blend or Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 15 seconds
Herbs/spicesWhole or halved.
Use: Paste, sauces
1 cupBlend or Ice/Auto Pulse20 - 30 seconds
SmoothieMilk, whole fresh fruits, yogurt, ice cream.
Use: Milkshakes, frappes
max 800ml/27 fl.oz.Smoothie60 seconds
Fresh fruitChopped whole berries
Use: Dessert sauce.
250g/8.5oz.Blend20 - 30 seconds
Dried fruitChopped dry fruit
Use: Fruit mince
300g/10oz.Ice/Auto Pulse20 - 30 seconds
Use: Mixed drinks, cocktails
250g/8.5oz.Ice/Auto Pulse10 - 20 seconds