The Gourmet Health Grill™ – This professional quality contact grill cuts out the fat to create delicious healthy meals. It features a 1500 Watts Extreme Heat System – the cooking plates reach up to 420 F (215 C). The 11 x 13 inch cooking surface is coated with a premium non-stick coating. It has a variable heat control and the floating top plate has an adjustable grilling 5 level height control. The TG890TXL has all the benefits of the TG870XL Gourmet Health Grill™ as well as a timer so your food grills perfectly every time.

Know Your Machine

A. Stainless Steel Housing.B. 1500W Element.
C. Non-Stick, Scratch Resistant Coating.D. Removable Drip Tray.
E. Extendable Feet.F. Non-Stick Ribbed Bottom Cook Plate.
G. Adjustable Grilling Height Control.H. Non-Stick Ribbed Top Cooking Plate.
I. Floating Hinge Top Cooking Plate.J. Variable Temperature Control Dial.
K. Power 'ON' and 'READY' Lights.L. Adjustable 15 minute timer.

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