The large Gourmet Health Grill™ comes with some special features.

  • Specialized Heat and Height Settings – The grill has specific settings to allow you to cook what you want perfectly. The heat controls have a ‘STEAK SEAR’ setting to allow the grill to heat up quickly and allow a high enough heat to sear up steaks or any other meat quickly. The height control has a setting for ‘SANDWICH’ that allows the floating top plate to adjust itself, allowing for more room so the sandwich can be heated thoroughly without crushing it under the top plate.
  • Floating Hinge – The floating hinge allows the top plate to adjust itself to the thickness of the item being grilled. From focaccia to shiitake, it’s grilled perfect every time.
  • Variable Heat Control – Heat can be adjusted to cook food from paninis to steaks. It even includes a ‘high sear’ setting that allows for even greater temperatures and fasting grilling times.
  • Adjustable Legs – The legs on the front of the grill can be adjusted for flat grilling or extended for sloped grilling.
  • Adjustable Toasting Height – The height adjustment allows for grilling even open faced melts evenly.
  • Ample Grilling Space – This Gourmet Health Grill has 131 sq. inches of grilling space when fully open, providing enough room for a multitude of grilling recipes.