Grilling Guide

Please note that these times are merely a guide and adjustments can and should be made to the time to accommodate preferences in the results.

Ingredient and TypeCooking Time

●Sirloin Steak
3 minutes for medium rare
5 - 6 minutes for well done
●Minute Steak1 - 2 minutes
●Hamburger Patties4 - 6 minutes
●Filet4 - 6 minutes
●Loin Steaks4 - 6 minutes
●Loin3 minutes
●Cutlets4 minutes
●Leg Steaks4 minutes
●Breast Filet6 minutes or until cooked through
●Thigh Filet4 - 5 minutes or until cooked through
●Thin3 - 4 minutes
●Thick6 - 7 minutes
Sandwich or Foccacia
3 - 5 minutes or until golden brown
Vegetables sliced 1/2" thick

3 - 5 minutes
●Sweet Potato
●Fish Filet2 - 4 minutes
●Fish Cutlets3 - 5 minutes
●Octopus (cleaned)3 minutes
●Shrimp2 minutes
●Scallops1 minute

It is not recommended that items with thick bones be cooked on the grill, such as T-bone steaks.

Recommended Cuts

  • Beef – Sirloin (New York), rump, rib eye, filet.
  • Lamb – Trim lamb leg steaks, filet, eye of loin, cutlets, diced lamb.
  • Pork – Butterfly loin steaks, spare ribs, leg steaks, filet, diced pork.

General Tips

  • Using tougher cuts of meat can be used, such as beef blade, topside steak, or lamb forequarters. Marinate these for a few hours or overnight in a marinade made with wine of vinegar to help break down the connective tissues.
  • Always drain off excess marinade and dab with kitchen paper before placing on the grill. Some marinades contain high sugar levels which will scorch on the grill during cooking.
  • Do not salt meat before cooking, salt will draw out the juices, toughening the meat.
  • Do not pierce meat with a fork or cut meat while cooking. This will let the juices escape, resulting in a tougher, drier steak.
  • When removing fish from the grill, use a flat, heat resistant plastic spatula to support the tender meat while moving it.