Set up of the Juice Fountain® Plus Upgrade is quick and easy.

  • Place the motor base on a flat dry surface.
  • Place the juice collector on top of the motor base.
  • Align the arrows at the base of the Nutri Disc™ with the arrows on the motor coupling and push down until the Nutri Disc™ clicks in securely.
  • Place the top cover over the juice collector.
  • Lift the locking arm into place in the grooves on either side of the feed chute.
  • Slide the pusher down the chute by lining up the blade on the chute with the groove on the pusher.
  • Place a bag on the interior of the pulp container to minimize clean up. Tilt the motor base slightly to the right and insert the pulp container under the juice cover on the left side.
  • Place the juicer jug under the juice spout on the right hand side of the juicer.