The Juice Fountain® Plus Upgrade comes with some special features.

  • Overload Protection – This juicer is fitted with a safety device that safeguards against overheating with excessive loads. If this occurs, the juicer will automatically activate the overload protection and the unit will turn itself off. If this occurs, unplug the unit, clear the chute of any food items and allow it to cool, normally about 1 hour. Cut the items into smaller even pieces, feed food in to the chute at a slower rate, or choose “High” speed instead of “Low”. After it has cooled, plug the Juicer back in and the overload protection will be reset.
  • 3 inch feed chute – This juicer also comes with an extra wide 3″ feed chute. Most fruits and vegetables require some cutting up and sizing in order to make them fit appropriately through the chute. With this extra wide chute, most fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots and cucumbers, will not need to be cut in size to fit into the chute, they can be fed in whole.