Food Processing Tips

• Do not fill the processing bowl above the liquid ‘Liquid Max’ for wet ingredients. Always add drier or thicker ingredients to the processing bowl prior to adding fluids.

• To avoid over-processing when coarsely chopping food, frequently check consistency. Use the spatula to scrape down the sides of bowl to ensure an even texture.

• If chopping fruit to add to cake batter, process before making batter, adding a little flour from quantity recommended in recipe to prevent fruit from sticking to blades.

• When crumbing bread for stuffing, use stale bread as fresh bread sticks to blades.

• Add liquid to puréed foods after processing.

• Use the small feed chute when adding liquid to processed mixtures.

• Peanut butter made in the food processor will separate on standing. Stir just before use.

• When processing a variety of ingredients, it is not necessary to remove them after each addition, unless they exceed the MAX level marking.

• When mixing dry and wet ingredients, the mixture will process more evenly if the wet ingredients are placed in the bowl preceding the dry ingredients.

• Egg white foams used for aerating mixtures such as fruit sorbet, work successfully. A minimum of 6 egg whites is recommended. It is recommended to use the emulsifying disc to maximize the effect.

• Beating egg whites for meringue requires lengthy beating to dissolve the sugar and entrap the air. It is not recommended to use the emulsifying disc for best results.

• Before slicing and shredding, trim the food to fit the feed chute. Do not overfill beyond the ‘Chute Fill Max’ indicator.

• Before slicing and shredding softer structured foods (such as meat), partially freeze until just firm.
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