Setting up the Café Modena is quick and easy.

  • Lift up the water tank lid and remove the water tank. Fill with cold filtered water and replace in the machine, pressing down firmly so that the water valve opens. Close the tank lid.
  • Preheat the machine by plugging it in and waiting for the heating light (orange) to turn off. Place the portafilter in the group head with no coffee in it and place an empty mug underneath it on the drip tray grid. Turn the Selector Control to the ‘ESPRESSO’ position and run a small amount of water through the brew head and out of the portafilter.
  • Remove the portafilter and wipe dry thoroughly.
  • Place cups on the cup warming plate to allow them to pre-warm.
  • Select the type of filter needed; single shot for a 1 Cup espresso (1 fl.oz of espresso), double shot for a 2 Cup espresso (2 fl.oz.) or the ESE Pod filter. Please note; Standard ESE pods have about 7 grams of espresso which is appropriate for a single shot, 1 Cup espresso extraction.
  • Fill the filter with the appropriate amount of espresso (1 level scoop or 1 ESE pod for a single shot and 2 level scoops for a double shot.
  • Lock the portafilter into the brew head by aligning the handle with the ‘INSERT’ graphic on the group head then lift up and turn to the right, counter clockwise, to lock.