Grinding Flavored Coffee Beans

This user-generated question came from the customer service discussion going on at Get Satisfaction.

Can I grind flavored coffee beans in the Conical Burr Grinder?

You may grind flavored beans in the grinder — they will not damage the machine. However, when you use flavored beans, the oils and flavoring may stick to the burrs and may cause a flavor issue when grinding other types of flavored or unflavored beans.

If you’re experiencing off-flavor due to using flavored beans, try flushing the grinder first. Flushing is the action of grinding some of the new beans you will be using prior to grinding what will ultimately end up brewing. Or you may simply brush off any grinds from the burrs with a brush.

Alternatively, there are commercially available cleaners designed for keeping burr coffee grinders free of stale coffee-ground residue