The Breville® Moda Bar Blender™ comes with some special features.

  • Liter Stainless Steel Blending Jug – The Moda Bar Blender™ comes with a 1 liter (1.1 quart) blending jug for a sleek, clean, professional look.
  • Motor Protection Reset Button – The blender comes with a built in Motor Protection function. If the blender is under too heavy a load or if it is run too long for a single period of time, the motor runs the risk of being damages. The Motor Protection will sense the overload or over-heat and shut the motor down. This blender has a button specifically set to reset that overload protection once the blender has cooled or the load has been lightened.
  • 550W Motor – This blender comes with a powerful 550W motor. This used with the pulse function makes crushing ice a breeze but can still mix up your favorite batter.