General Operation

  • Hold the lid firmly in place when beginning to blend.
  • Never place anything other then food and liquids in the blender while the motor is running.


  • Speed 1 is best for dressing, marinades, and foods that require mixing only until combined.
  • Speed 2 is best for pureeing or making cocktails.
  • ‘PULSE’ is best for foods that require only short bursts of power to process, such as herbs, nuts, small vegetables and to crush ice.
  • Even though ice will be crushed by the blades of the blender, liquid is still needed. Always add in about 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup of water into the blender before adding in the ice to crush.
  • Always place liquid ingredients into the blender before solids.
  • If blending dry ingredients only, never process for more then 60 seconds at a time.