• Do not put more then 2 cups of warm ingredients into the blender before processing begins. After the motor is on and the blades are turning, up to 1&1/2 cups can be added, if desired, through the opening in the lid. Always replace the inner lid after additional ingredients are fully added.
  • Thick mixtures such as pates purée more efficiently if the blender is between 1/4 to 1/2 full.
  • When processing nuts, blend 3/4 of a cup at a time only. Use the ‘PULSE’ setting as this will chop more evenly.
  • To crush ice, place 1 cup of ice cubes along with 1/4 cup of water into the blending jar and set the speed setting to 3. Process for approximately 15 seconds using the ‘PULSE’ setting.

‘Do’s and ‘Don’t's

  • The blender is not designed to grind meat or to be used as a juice extractor.
  • When blending thick or dry mixtures, it is best to stop the blender once or twice during bl3ending to scrape down the sides of the blending jug.
  • When grinding larger spices such as nutmeg, begin by using ‘PULSE’ and speed ’1′ to break into smaller pieces. Once that is done, continue grinding on speed ’3′.
  • Always add liquid ingredients before dry ingredients.
  • Do not operate the blender without the lid on. The inner lid can be removed while blending to add in additional ingredients but should always be replaced once those are added.
  • Do not blend a dry, thick, or heavy mixture for more then 60 seconds without turning the blender off and stirring the ingredients. For regular recipes, such as mayonnaise or dressings, do not operate longer then 3 minutes at one time.
  • Since air does not circulate when blending in the Classic Blend Master™, do not use to beat egg whites, knead dough, or mash potatoes.

Suggested Uses and Foods


3 (HIGH)30 seconds - 1 minuteMilkshakes, smoothies.Place milk in pitcher followed by flavoring, blend until desired thickness
2 (MEDIUM)30 secondsCreamBlend until desired consistency.
For whipped cream, place 1&1/2 cups of cream with sugar and vanilla into the blending jug and blend until the desired thickness is achieved.
Chopping'PULSE' Speed 3 (HIGH)30 seconds to 1 minutesNuts, Lentils, Herbs, Ginger, or ChilliUse only 3/4 cup quantity at one time, ensuring an even texture.

3 (HIGH)30 seconds.BreadcrumbsTear bread into roughly even sized pieces and process until crumbed.
3 (HIGH)30 seconds to 1 minuteCracker CrumbsBreak into medium sized pieces and process until crumbed.
Blend enough pieces at one time to cover the blades.
Crushing'PULSE' 3 (HIGH)25 - 35 secondsIceUse 1 cup ice cubes and 1/4 cup water at one time for best results.
Emulsions1 (LOW)2 - 3 minutesMayonnaise, Marinades, or Dressings.Pour oil through lid while the blender is processing.
Place the main ingredients in the glass jug and begin blending, using setting 1 (LOW). Once blended, remove the inner lid while still processing, and very slowly add in the oil.
Grinding3 (HIGH)25 - 35 secondsSpices, CoffeeUse 1/2 cup at a time.
Coffee beans can be ground finely enough for percolator or for infusion but not for drip coffee or espresso machines.
Refining3 (HIGH)20 - 40 secondsWhite sugar, Brown Sugarfor superfine sugar consistency, process for 20 seconds then a further 40 seconds for icing sugar consistency.
Mixing1 - 2 (LOW - MEDIUM)30 - 40 secondsBattersBlend until just combined.
Place liquid ingredients into the blending jug first, then dry ingredients second. Blend until the dry ingredients are just moistened.
Pureeing3 (HIGH)35 seconds to 1 minuteSoups, Sauces, Drinks, Deserts, Baby FoodProcess well until no visible solids remain and the mixture is smooth.
Pureeing will make wonderful drinks but always ensure that extra room is left at the top to allow for froth to form as the drink is blended.