General Operation

  • Always keep the lid closed when cooking in the waffle maker.
  • Always leave the storage clip open when cooking in the waffle maker. Waffles will expand and if the clip is closed, there may not be enough room for that expansion.
  • For the very first use of the waffle maker, we recommend setting 3 on the darkness control dial. The darkness can be adjusted up or down from there per preference.
  • Use approximately ½ cup of batter, evenly spread over the cooking plates.
  • For each additional waffle that is being made, close the lid and allow the waffle maker to fully reheat before the next batch of batter is added.
  • The POWER light will remain lit so long as the waffle maker is turned on and plugged in. However, the READY light will only be lit after pre-heating and when a cooking cycle is completed.