Set up of the Sommelier™ is quick and easy

  1. Fill the glass carafe with wine above the MIN line and below the MAX line.
  2. Place the carafe on the main unit.
  3. Press the POWER button to turn the Sommelier™ on.
  4. The LCD will prompt you to set the time, this is the oxygenating time.
  5. Rotate the TIME dial to set the time. Oxygenating time is the actual duration for the machine, while decanting time is a reference for comparison. 1 minute of oxygenating time is roughly equal to 1 hour of decanting time.
  6. Press START to begin the oxygenating process.
  7. The ‘READY IN’ label next to the oxygenating time will flash and the timer will start to count down to zero. This process can be paused by pressing once on the STOP/RESET button and resumed again by pressing the START button.
  8. When the process is done, the LCD will show ‘READY’.