Smoke coming from any kitchen appliance is rarely a good thing. With the Die Cast Smart Toaster™, there can be a couple of simple solutions to this.

  • Press the cancel button and allow the toast to rise from the toasting slots. Verify that the bread/toast, itself, is burnt. If so, it may be that the ‘Doneness’ selector was set too high. Move the selector down one or two notches and see if this improves the toast.
  • If the bread is not burnt, the issue may be crumbs. Beneath all Breville toasters is a crumb trays to catch those stray bread particles and make them easy to dispose of. However, every so often these do need to be cleaned out. If it has not been done in a while, the crumbs, consisting of bread and often times bits of anything added to the bread like raisins or nuts, can build up and after repeated toasting, begin smoking during the toasting process. Slide the crumb trays out from beneath the toaster and empty them into a trash bin. Rinse the trays, washing with warm soapy water if needed, and dry thoroughly. This, however, is not the end of the crumbs. It’s best to, periodically, turn the toaster upside down over a trash bin and tap the side to work loose any crumbs that may be attached to the interior of the toasting slots. Once done, return the toaster to a flat solid surface and slide the crumb trays back into the slot beneath it.