The BTA630XL ‘Lift & Look’™ Touch – Designed to make the perfect toast, the ‘Lift & Look’™ Tiouch fits up to 4 slices of regular bread up to 1.5″ think and two slices of long artisan bread up to 9.5″ long. The ‘A Bit More’™ button browns to perfection and the ‘Lift & Look’™ button lets you see just how done it is without interrupting or restarting the toasting cycle.

A. TOAST/CANCEL button with motorized raising and lowering, and toast ready sound alert.
B. 'A BIT MORE'™ button.C. Bagel setting.
D. Defrost setting.E. Motorized 'LIFT & LOOK'™ button.
F. Long Toasting Slots extra wide with self centering carriage.G. Cool-touch body.
H. LED toasting progress indicator.I. Variable browning control.
J. Slide out crumb tray.K. Concealed cord storage.

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