Most types of bread can be used with the panini press; white, wholemeal, kibbled wheat, wholegrain, raisin bread and so on. The panini press is ideal for toasting foccacia, Turkish bread and baguettes as well as bread rolls. Raisin bread, brioche and other sweet breads which contain a high sugar content will tend to brown quicker.


Tey to use canned or precooked fruit for fillings as fresh fruit may give off excessive juices when heated. Be very careful when biting into sandwiches containing fillings such as cheese and tomato or jam as they retain heat and can burn easily if eaten too quickly.


The flat bottom plate design makes the panini press ideal for toasting plain bread and Turkish bread without any fillings or spreads. The flat bottom plate is also perfect for cooking breakfast items such as eggs and pancakes.

Fat Free Snacks

Due to the non=stick flat plate design, it is not necessary to use any butter or margarine on the outside of your toasted snacks, reducing the fat content of them.