The Breville BSB530XL All In One™ – The blend, mash and processing station with Control Grip. This immersion blender is a versatile appliance with a multitude of attachments and uses. From whisking the lightest frosting to mincing up the hardest vegetables, it’s the little mixer with a big array of uses, just right for anything you might need.


A. - Speed Control Dial
B. - Easy Grip Trigger Switch
C. - Motor Body
D. - Processing Gear Box
E. - Processing Bowl Lid
F. - 6 Cup (1.6L) Processing Bowl
G. - Food Pusher & Feed Chute
H. - Whisk
I. - Stainless Steel Blending Leg
J. - Variable Mashing Leg
K. - Micro-serrated S Blade™
Not shown: blade covers

L. - Adjustable Slicing DiscM. - Reversible Shredding DiscN. - Storage BaseO. - Spindle

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