Stick Blender Tips

  • The stick blender mixes foods and liquids rapidly, therefore it is easy to over-process. Remember to periodically release the trigger switch and check food throughout operation.
  • Allow food to cool slightly (so not boiling) before blending.
  • The blending shaft allows for hot food to be processed directly in the saucepan. This makes blending soups and sauces very easy. For safety reasons, remove the saucepan from the heat source before processing.
  • Ensure the motor body of the appliance and power cord are kept away from any heat source.
  • When puréeing and blending, cut food into uniform sizes. This will ensure smooth and consistent results.
  • Warm all liquids to be added to soups and purées, this will ensure even blending.
  • Place the blending jug on the anti-slip mat during blending. This will keep the blending jug stable.
  • Do not operate the stick blender continuously for more than 1 minute. Allow the motor to rest for 1 minute between each use.

If food becomes lodged around the blending blade or in the blade guard, follow these safety instructions:

  1. Release the trigger switch and unplug the power plug from the power outlet.
  2. Use a spatula to carefully dislodge the food. Do not use fingers as the blending blade is sharp.
  3. After the food has been removed and blades are clear, plug the appliance back into the power outlet and continue blending.

Mini Chopper Tips

  • Do not operate the chopping bowl when empty.
  • The anti-slip mat keeps the chopping bowl stable. However, it is recommended during processing to hold the motor body with one hand and the chopping bowl and lid with the other.
  • When processing, cut food into uniform sizes to ensure quicker, even and more consistent results.
  • DO NOT process hard foods such as coffee, cereal or chocolate in lumps, as damage to the blade may result.
  • DO NOT process boiling or hot foods in the chopping bowl.
  • NEVER remove the blade from the chopping bowl before food processing is completed.
  • The chopping bowl blends foods and liquids rapidly, therefore it is easy to over process. Remember to periodically release the trigger switch and check food throughout operation.

Whisk Tips

  • Do not allow the whisk to hit the bottom or sides of mixing bowl while the appliance is in operation, as this may damage the whisk.
  • To incorporate air into the ingredients when whisking, use a sufficiently deep, wide container and move the whisk through the ingredients with a gentle raising and lowering action.
  • Place the mixing bowl on a damp cloth during whisking. This will keep the mixing bowl stable.
  • Always use fresh chilled cream and fresh eggs at room temperature to achieve greater and more stable volume when whisking.
  • Always ensure the whisk and mixing bowl are completely clean and free of fat before whisking egg whites.
  • It is recommended to use the highest speed when whisking egg whites and cream.