1 level Rice Duo Measuring Cup = 5.25 oz. of uncooked rice (approximately).
1 level Rice Duo cup uncooked rice = 2 cups cooked rice (approximately).
Maximum quantity of uncooked rice to be cooked = 10 measuring cups of rice.
Minimum quantity of uncooked white rice to be cooked = 2 measuring cups.
  • The Rice Duo Rice Cooker measuring cup is not a standard metric measuring cup. ! measuring cup is equal to 5.5 oz. or uncooked rice and 3/4 cup of water. 1 American Standard Metric Measuring cup is equal to 7 oz. of uncooked rice. If the Rice Duo measuring cup is lost, use any other cup but maintain the same cooking rations to ensure that the maximum cup allowance.
  • Rice can be kept using the automatic ‘Keep Warm’ setting for up to 5 hours.
  • Do not remove the glass lid until ready to serve unless turning over rice after cooking is complete.
  • Due to additional water needed to cook brown rice, some starchy water bubbles may rise to the lid while cooking. For best results, wash rice before cooking and keep warm for 20 minutes after cooking to absorb the remaining moisture.
  • Do not let the removable cooking bowl boil dry during steaming.
  • If extra liquid is needed, hot liquid can be added during the steaming process.
  • Both steaming trays can be stacked or used separately.