the Crispy Crust™ Pizza Maker Troubleshooting

The Heating Element looks rusty.

During the manufacturing and assembly process, oils from hands can get on the element as well as moisture from the ambient air. During shipping and storage, these can react and cause surface blemishes on the element that can resemble rust. Simply run the oven through the heating cycle twice to remove these blemishes. If this does not rid the element surface of those discolorations, please contact our Consumer Call Center.

The oven smokes when heating.

When the oven is in operation, there can be smoke coming from the machine. This can be due to the toppings cooking, oils from the food heating up, or any residual food stuff on the stone heating up. After the oven has been used and is cool, clean out the oven cavity with a slightly damp cloth. Also, before heating the oven, wipe down the elements to ensure there is no left over flour or corn-meal on them. Make sure to always using the same side of the pizza stone as any of the seasoning on the stone touching the heating element will result in smoke and odor.

The pizza stone is dirty.

Your pizza stone will accumulate discoloration with use, this is expected and even a desired result. This is called “seasoning” for the stone. While globs of ingredients and loose toppings should be removed, these left over discolorations will eventually form a very good non-stick coating on your stone that will ease the removal of pizzas you cook on it.
We do know, however, that some consumers will simply not like the discoloration and that is perfectly fine. The “seasoning” is not a requirement at all for the use of the stone. In the Care section of the Crispy Crust™ pages, there are instructions on making a mild cleaning solution with equal parts baking soda and water. This needs to be mixed into a kind of paste and applied to the discolorations or stains. Use a toothbrush, rubbing in small circles, to work the stain out of the stone. If this method is used, please make sure to wipe off the area thoroughly and allow the stone to dry completely before storing it or using it again.

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