The care and cleaning of your Crispy Crust™ Pizza Maker is important to it’s continued safe and proper operation.

  • When operating the Pizza Maker, insert the power plug into a single power outlet. Do not plug into a double adapter, or similar, and use with other appliances.
  • The “heating” indicator light may turn on and off during operation. This is the automatic thermostat light indicating that the correct temperature is being maintained.
  • The outer surface of the Pizza Maker may be very hot when operating at high temperatures. Always wear protective, insulated oven gloves when inserting, removing or handling items from the pizza oven when hot. Alternatively, allow the pizza oven to cool before handling.
  • Do not lean or stand over the Pizza Maker when opening the lid as steam may be released.
  • Never use a knife or pizza cutter on the pizza stone as this could damage the fine-grain cooking surface. Remove the pizza from the stone prior to cutting.
  • The pizza stone will darken in color with use. This is a normal part of the natural seasoning process. While this is helpful to the stone, it’s important that you gently scrape the stone to remove spilled toppings and excess flour after each use.