• If the lid will not unlock after the STEAM RELEASE cycle has completed, this indicated that the cooker is still under pressure. Do NOT force the lid open as any remaining pressure can be hazardous. Press the RELEASE button until all internal pressure is released and the lid opens easily.
  • If reducing a cooking sauce after pressure or slow cooking, remove the meat and/or vegetables before stating the REDUCE cycle. Once the sauce has reached the desired consistency and flavor, rewarm the food in the sauce if necessary.
  • If the contents of the cooker are hot when closing the lid, it may be necessary to press down slightly on the lid knob while the lid is still in the unlocked position, allowing the lid to turn easily.
  • In addition to the automatic hands-free steam release, pressure can be released by pressing the RELEASE button or by manually turning the pressure release valve.
  • Do not exceed the maximum fill level on the cooking bowl.
  • Do not operate the machine without food or liquid being at least to the minimum level.

Altitude Adjustment

The Fast Slow Pro™ comes with a special feature called an Altitude Adjustment. Higher altitudes will cause water to boil at a lower temperature due to a drop in air pressure. This lower air pressure creates very different conditions for cooking with a pressure cooker. In order to maintain and cooking results, including those in the custom menus and the Smart Settings, there is an altitude adjustment that can be made. This adjustment will remain on the pressure cooker so long as it is plugged in and/or not reset.

  • To access the Altitude Adjust mode, press and hold the STOP/CANCEL button to activate the standby mode. The button back light will go out and the LCD screen will no longer be illuminated though the text will still be visible.
  • Once in standby, press and hold both the KEEP WARM and RELEASE buttons for 2 seconds. “ALt” will appear on the screen indicating the Altitude Adjustment mode is active.
  • Turn the TIME dial to enter the altitude of your current location. The altitude can be adjusted from 1,000 ft (0 meters) to 6,000 ft (1,830 meters). The pressure cooker should not be used above 6,500 feet (1981 meters).
  • Press the START/SELECT dial to confirm the setting.
  • The cookers settings are now confirmed for your current altitude. To reset to factory settings (sea level), unplug the cooker from the power outlet and press and hold the START/SELECT dial while plugging the cooker back in. The letter ‘d’ and a number will briefly appear on the screen, confirming the reset to factory settings.