the Fast Slow Cooker™ Troubleshooting

Display Codes

The Fast Slow Cooker™ has some display codes that will appear on the LCD screen.


Pressure can not be built up.

1. Check that lid is closed properly.

2. Check that the Pressure Release Valve is in the correct position.

3. Make sure the silicone rubber gasket is attached properly to the gasket holder and is securely in place on the lid.



Unplug unit and allow to sit for 20 minutes. If no change, please call Breville Consumer Service.


The bowl is not heating correctly.

Ensure the cooking bowl is properly positioned inside base. The cooking bowl must be in direct contact with the heating plate. Make sure there are no unwanted materials on the heating plate.


Cooker lid is closed when SAUTÉ/SEAR has been selected.

Ensure the lid is off the appliance or placed on top to rest in an offset position when you are using the SAUTÉ/SEAR setting.
Please contact our support team for further assistance.

The seal isn’t tight enough

The gasket that goes around the inside of the lid of the Fast Slow Cooker™ is vitally important to it’s operation. If the gasket is inserted incorrectly, if there are any food particles on it, or if it’s damaged at all, there will not be a tight or complete enough seal to allow the cooker to build up proper pressure.

Air is escaping from the rim of the lid.

  • Ensure that the gasket is inserted correctly into the lid. Imprinted on the inner section of the gasket ring is the word “TOP” with up arrows showing which side should be on the top of the sealing ring that is attached to the lid. Make sure that these arrows are pointing out of the lid, not towards the metal lid itself.
  • Make sure that the gasket is clean. Any particles from food or cleaning left on the gasket can prevent it from making a complete and solid seal when cooking.
  • Inspect the sealing gasket for any damage. Even small nicks or splits in the gasket surface can prevent the seal from being created, leading to loss of heat and steam and no pressure being built up.
  • Make sure that the lid is locked tightly onto the body of the Cooker. When the lid is correctly in place, it will not turn any further clock-wise.

Steam is released from the pressure indicator valve during cooking.

  • Unlike air escaping, when steam escapes, it means that the seal was good but has weakened. Stop the Cooker, release any remaining steam or pressure and remove the lid. Clean the gasket. Small particles may not prevent the heating but when the steam builds up pressure, the connection may be failing, causing the steam release.
  • The gasket may have nicks or splits in the surface. If it does, in order to ensure proper function, it will need to be replaced.
  • Pressure and the compression of the lid, over time, will wear on the gasket. It is recommended that it be replaced every 1 – 2 years.

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