Ensuring trouble-free operation for years

Your Breville Personal Pie™ is a quality appliance. The best materials were used in making it, and it was carefully engineered to let you enjoy your pie maker for years and years to come.

However, as with any machine, it needs your care in order to operate as it is intended to. Please follow our care tips below.

Do not place the Pie Maker, Pastry Cutter, or Pastry Press in the dishwasher.

CareDo not use metal utensils as these may scratch the non-stick finish of the Cooking Plates. Instead, remove the pies with a plastic, heat-proof spatula or silicone tip tongs.

Reminder: Do not place the Pie Maker, Pastry Cutter, or Pastry Press in the dishwasher.
CleaningBefore cleaning, remove the power plug from the power outlet. Allow the Pie Maker to cool slightly. The Pie Maker is easier to clean when slightly warm. Always clean your Pie Maker after each use to prevent a build up of baked-on foods.
Cooking PlatesTo clean the cooking plates, wipe with a soft damp cloth. Dry thoroughly.

If baked-on food is difficult to remove, brush with a little oil or melted butter. Allow to stand for five minutes then wipe with a damp cloth.

If food residue builds up, spray with a little lemon juice and wipe clean.

NOTE: Do not use abrasives or metal scourers as they will scratch the non-stick surface of the Cooking Plates.
ExteriorTo clean the exterior, wipe with a soft damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth.
Pastry Cutter & PressTo clean the pastry cutter and pastry press, wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with a soft dry cloth. Never place the press or cutter in the dishwasher.
StorageRemove the plug from the power outlet before storing. Ensure the Pie Maker is completely cooled, clean and dry. Wrap the power cord around the cord storage. Store the appliance horizontally or vertically on the bench or in a convenient cupboard.

Only place the Pastry Cutter and Pastry Press on top of the Pie Maker during storage.