The Breville Smart Oven® features Element IQ™ — a unique cooking technology that adjusts the power of the cooking elements for optimum results.


High temperature top heat: melts and browns.

Searing top and bottom heat: seals and crisps.

Even convection heating: cooks right through.

It is normal to notice the following during the cooking cycle:

  • During the BROIL function, the bottom set of elements turn off while the top set is heating at full power.
  • The ends of each heating element will glow more brightly than the middle of the element.
  • The elements are heating even if they are not lighting up.

This cooking technology allows foods to cook more evenly and quickly, significantly reducing cooking times. The oven’s preset cooking temperatures and times, as well as the cooking temperature and time directions on prepackaged foods, may need to be changed depending on the recipe, the amount of food and your personal taste. We recommend experimenting with the temperature and time settings to produce the desired results.

The cooking temperature and time can be adjusted before or during the cooking cycle.

  • The cooking temperature is displayed as the top figure on the LCD screen. Turn the TEMPERATURE dial to the left to reduce the temperature or to the right to increase the temperature. The cooking temperature can be adjusted in 10°F increments, from 120°F to a maximum of 450°F (or in the Celsius mode, 5°C increments, from 50°C to a maximum of 230°C.)
  • The cooking time is displayed as the bottom figure on the LCD screen. Turn the TIME dial to the left to reduce the cooking time or to the right to increase the cooking time. The cooking time can be adjusted in one minute increments up to 1 hour, and in 5 minute increments between 1 and 2 hours.