Spec Sheet

Power1100 watt Maximum power.
MaterialsBrushed stainless steel housing.
InnovationsSensor IQ™ - Detects humidity and adjusts the time accordingly.
Time Defrost - Defrosting power level is automatically set once defrosting time is inputted.
My Favorite - Program your favorite setting.
One-Touch Auto Buttons - Pre-programmed shortcuts for commonly used tasks.
Adjust power and time on the fly.
Key FeaturesEasy to use controls.
A Bit More® button - press when a little extra cooking time is needed.
+30 second Instant Start - add 30 second intervals to set the preferred cooking time.
Kitchen Timer.
Clock Display.
Volume Control.
Unit Weight conversion.
Dimensions20.5"(L) X 18"(W) X 12.5" (H)
Weight35 Lbs.