The Quick Touch™ Microwave comes with some special features.

  • Melt Chocolate – At the touch of a button on the Short Cut Menu, the melt chocolate setting is designed to melt dark chocolate without overheating or seizing the chocolate.
  • Soften Butter – One setting designed specifically to soften, not melt, butter taken straight from the refrigerator for cooking and baking.
  • Sensor IQ™ – Most microwaves turn the magnetron on at the beginning of the cooking cycle, shut it off in the middle and turn it on again at the very end. The Quick Touch ™ Sensor IQ™ closely measures the amount of steam released by the food, making the food come out more evenly and thoroughly cooked, melted, or softened.
  • Favorite – If there is a specific setting, time or temperature setting that’s used more then any other, it is now accessible at the touch of a button. The Favorite button allows that favorite cooking set up to be there any time it’s needed.
  • Child Lock – Press and hold the ‘A BIT MORE’® button for 3 to 4 seconds and the LCD will show a lock in the center of it. All controls will be locked down. The door will open but none of the dials will engage, none of the button surrounds will light up and none of the button selections can be chosen.