The BMO734XL Quick Touch™ Microwave – Smart Settings Take the Guesswork out of Cooking, Reheating & Defrosting.The easy to use microwave that knows the right power level and time to suit the food that you are cooking.

Know Your Machine

A. Viewing Window.B. Door Handle.
C. Large LCD Screen.D. Amount Dial.
E. +30 second Instant Start Button & Time/Food Type Dial.F. Smart Cook, Smart Reheat & Smart Defrost Buttons.
G. STOP/CLEAR Button.H. A Bit More® Button and Child Lock.
I. Shortcuts Panel. The set up and programming is viewable under the 'Care and Use' section.
J. Glass Turntable.K. Turntable Roller.

Turntable and Roller

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