Use of the Milk Café™

  • If a disc is not inserted correctly over the shaft in the milk jug, it may dislodge during operation, a grinding noise may be heard or milk will not swirl. Operating the milk frother without a disc inserted can cause uneven heating and burning.
  • After 30 seconds of non-use, the milk frother will enter standby mode. The START/STOP button surround will cease to illuminate. To exit the standby mode and reactivate the frother, simply turn or press the START/STROP push-dial.
  • Never operate without the minimum level of liquid in the milk jug. This can cause overheating and may kick in the Overheating/Boil Dry protection causing the frother to cease operating until the temperature of the jug cools to an acceptable level. Also, never exceed the CAPP/LATTE MAX. When frothing, the milk will increase in volume and exceeding this line can cause the jug to overflow.
  • When frothing multiple batches of liquid, to prevent the Overheating/Boil Dry Protection from activating, it is recommended that the milk jug be allowed to cool for approximately 5 minutes between batches or fill the jug with water for faster cooling. For best results, clean the milk jug and frothing disc before re-use.
  • After frothing the first batch of milk, you may notice the power base begin to hum. This is normal. It is the cooling fan preventing the frother from overheating and will automatically cease to hum once adequately cooled. During the time the fan is on, the milk frother can continue to be used unless the Overheating/Boil Dry protection has been activating.
  • The frother is not designed to mix large amounts of dry ingredients, melt large food pieces like cubed chocolate or ice cubes, or to whip, thicken or heat other food substances like oil, eggs, butter, soups or gravies.