The milk will not foam.

There can be several reasons that the Milk Café™ is having issues creating foam in milk even though it is heating it.

  • If the milk is too warm, the Milk Café™ will not be able to foam it.
  • Do not re-foam milk that’s already been heated. Cold milk forms foam significantly better then warm milk does.
  • Always use cold, fresh (or freshly opened) milk.
  • Make sure that the amount of milk is between the MIN/MAX lines on the inside of the frothing jug. If it does but the foam is still not occurring, try reducing the amount of milk in the jug.
  • Check any added in ingredients. Thick syrups, heavy powders and large flakes can significantly reduce the amount of foam that is produced.
  • Different brands of milk can froth differently. This is not entirely dependent on the type of milk (Non-Fat as opposed to Whole Milk) but can truly be different from brand to brand so try some experimenting.
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