Poor results due to the Frothing Disc

The frothing discs that come with the Milk Café™ are ribbed discs surrounding a center tube that fits over the spindle in the bottom of the milk frothing jug. One end of this tube is closed off to ensure that the disc is placed on the spindle correctly. However, there can be issued with the disc that can cause poor results in the frothing of milk.

    Ensure that the frothing disc is securely pressed onto the spindle in the center of the frothing jug. It will click firmly and noticeably into place. If the disc is not securely attached or becomes dislodged, the following may be observed:

    • No swirling of the milk or the milk not moving.
    • A smell of burnt milk.
    • A grinding noise.

    To counteract this, remove the liquid from the frothing jug, rinse the jug out, remove the disc and reinsert it on the spindle, pushing down firmly until it clicks securely into place. Fresh milk should be added back to the jug as milk that’s already been heated will not froth very well.

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